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Herbicos Australia Pty Ltd

Since Herbicos Australia Pty Ltd. was founded over 10 years ago, by Hui Yue, it has grown to become one of the most successful and innovative cosmetic manufactory within the Australia beauty market. Herbicos Australia Pty Ltd. principally engages in the plant-based producing. We have a collective experience in managing and working across functions and disciplines like producing, supporting services, marketing strategies, wholesale and retail operations.

Herbicos farm is nestled in the tranquil countryside of Picton, NSW Australia. We grow various types of plants and flowers, such as lavender, tea tree and roses that provide the blends within our products. From November till February the farm colours are vibrant with a predominance of purple from the lavender plants to the rich multi colours of the Roses.

We implement Organic farming, sustaining good soil to grow strong plants. After manually harvesting the herbs and flowers are left to dry, then they are stored until required to create the extracts using a secret method unique to Herbicos. From soil to skin, we are confident to ensure the premium quality of our products.

We do whole sale and retail for beauty products, including disposable beauty products, salon needs, beauty equipment, and etc. We provide the best quality and reasonable price along with the best customer services.