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Heating and melting depilatory wax.


For the hair removal of various boby spots


PTC heater


Transparent window for watching wax capacity


Seperate controlling for each switch


Preheat the wax for about 20-30 mins before use


Temperature is monitored by automatic thermostat, max temperature is 70 degree


Capacity: 100g




To avoid loss of profitable working time, we suggest that the heater is switched on approximately 30 mins before treatments are due to commence, to ensure that the wax has reached the correct working temperature.


Safety Notes:


Always test on a small area to be sure it is not too hot.


Turn off the heater to let wax cool down if the wax is too hot. The idea temperature of application is 30 degree to 40 degree.


Do not leave it to be heated for long time


Never have the heater switched on when there is no wax in the unit.


Do not use on sensitive skin or skin that has other problems

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
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