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Chamomile Soothing Starter Kit


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Step 1: Chamomile Soothing Cleansing Lotion 15g
A hypo-allergenic cleanser that gently removes impurities, leaving the skin feeling soft and soothed.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to your skin with your fingertips in an upward circular motion, rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Step 2: Chamomile Water 30ml
A refreshing mist that calms and tones the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and smoothed.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Gently mist your face, use your fingertips to pat the mist on your face, or spray on your palms then pat onto your face. It can also be used over make-up or on the face during the day.


Step 3: Chamomile Collagen Serum 10ml
A collagen serum that enhances water intake and reduces sensitivity in dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and smoothed.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply evenly on cleansed face before moisturising.


Step 4: Chamomile Soothing Cream 15g
A soothing moisturiser that calms dry and irritated skin, reduces skin redness, leaving the skin feeling soothed and comfortable.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After cleaning your face, apply evenly to the entire face.

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